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Bru Swain and Kulprit D collaborate again: is Kulprit back?

Bru Swain works on mixing and mastering
Bru Swain works on mixing and mastering

After what was seemingly a mini-hiatus, Kulprit D is back and making music with fellow AGD rapper Bru Swain.

Last Monday evening, April 16, rappers and beatmakers Kulprit D and Bru Swain linked up for a studio session. A couple days prior to the session, both of the Oklahoma emcees Tweeted about meeting up for studio time and making a song, though nothing was set in stone. However, the night of and morning after it was apparent it went down.

The night of the session, Bru Swain was the first to take to social media with the visuals when, about halfway through the night, posted a video on Instagram of Kulprit rapping in what looked to be a small vocal booth. Though Kulprit didn't sport the usual baseball cap in the video, the speed rapping, accompanied by a smoky voice, made it unmistakably him.

The philanthropy-minded Kulprit took a little longer to take to the social media, however. His confirmation didn't come until the following day around 9 p.m. The first picture he posted was of Bru Swain mixing some the tracks from the session, and it was paired with the caption "PUNISHMENT. last night's Swain sesh." That photo was followed by a blurry picture of a computer screen that had what appeared to be more music editing programs running on it, with a caption of "KULPRIT VOX," indicating that what one was seeing on the screen were Kulprit's recorded vocals.

Kulprit, Bru Swain and AGD fans, overall, seem to have raised eyebrows at this. The two have collaborated before and it has yielded some interesting results. One of the trap-flavored songs, "Go Hard," from Kulprit's debut mixtape contains a Swain feature. Moreover, every beat on Bru Swain's debut mixtape, "Phases," was made by Kulprit D; the last song on that album even features a verse from the now 20-year-old Kulprit. Also, around this time last year, Kulprit was heavily promoting a song titled "Fam3," a track in which the beat was by Bru Swain.

More than likely, the product or products from Monday night will be heard on Bru's upcoming sophomore project, "The Kill," considering the details about Kulprit's next release are vague and he has said the release date is distant.

Also, the last significant release from Kulprit was the music video for his song titled "Love/Hate," and that was in mid-November 2013. Since then, he's released only "The Interlude," a song with no basis or concept that comes in under two minutes, and "Caps v. Straps," a mixtape containing previously released material from him and Waka Flocka Flame. (His sophomore project is available for free downloady, fyi.)

However, it will still have to be monitored; Kulprit D likes to keep his fans guessing. Shortly after announcing a premature retirement last July, he released a seven-track EP titled "The Breakup Surprise Party." Whatever the case, this Examiner is going to keep an eye on what develops from the two.

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