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Brown grizzly bear saves crow from drowning in amazingly gentle rescue

Who would ever think that a brown grizzly bear could be so gentle and care about another species; especially a random act of kindness as a black crow flaps around helplessly in a pond in the bear's enclosure at the Budapest Zoo?

Very curious Vali the grizzly bear follows as the crow flaps furiously trying to get out of the pool.
Freeze shot of Youtube video/ Aleksander Medves

The heartwarming video, shows the bear minding his own business as he lazily eats his lunch of vegetables and treats. The bear named Vali is seemingly unaware or uncaring of the blackbird's screams as it tries desperately to get out of the pool it must have fallen into just moments before the video began to run.

For a few moments, the bear watches and follows the frantic bird as it wildly flaps its wings screaming in panic. Suddenly Vali reaches down into the pond with his huge bear claw, but didn't make contact with the little bird. The grizzly then submerges his face into the pond; viewers are now thinking one good gulp might be the end of the crow, but Vali gently lifts the bird out by its right wing and lays it gently on land. With that valiant effort, the grizzly returns to eating his carrots and treats.

No one was more shocked than the crow; he is shown lying on his back - tiny little bird legs up in the air for a few moments, but then able to right himself, shake himself off and ponder the extraordinary luck of Vali's good mood.

Aleksander Medves videoed the entire rescue. According to the zoo's website, however authorities claim the bear was just curious. You decide for yourself if animals actually have hidden depths to their emotions.

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