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Brown Ale gets tipsy at The Beard

Brown Ale gets tipsy at The Beard.
Brown Ale gets tipsy at The Beard.Sareth Ney

Brown Ale intoxicated the crowd at The Beard, on Feb. 1. They were the opening acts, along with ZETFree FoundDed and Bryson Foster. J-Swain was the direct support and Martyr Thompson was the headlining act. Jade Montoya provided live art and DJ Sham was the house disc jockey.

Brown Ale gets tipsy at The Beard.
Brown Ale gets tipsy at The Beard.Sareth Ney

Thout Sew, Vigilant and Mope are the three emcees whom make up Brown Ale.

After DJ Sham warmed up the stage and Thompson and Foster said a few words, Brown Ale kicked off the night of hip-hop with “Matadors”. Sew wanted the crowd to connect with the trio as much as possible and encouraged everyone to move closer to the stage. Without hesitation, the crowd did as they were told. He was the first to rap his verse, followed by Vigilant and Mope. As each one took their turn, the other two assisted them to complete every other set of lyrics.

Prior to “F**k Swag”, Brown Ale showed their appreciation of the Pueblo Glasshouse movement and thanked Foster and company for bringing the dream to a reality. Afterwards, the audience gave a round of applause for the grassroots efforts. Before the set of lyrics began, Mope removed his jacket and they continued the recital. As they had done earlier in the performance—they assisted each other on completing every other lyric and accompanied each other with the chorus.

Before the start of “I Know”, Sew displayed Brown Ale’s gratitude for Foster. In the mood for thanks, he gave praise to the producer whom produced the beat for them. Afterwards, he mentioned Brown Ale had a couple of more songs for them. After the song came to an end—Vigilant joked with the crowd, mentioned he had a strange case of cottonmouth and did not know where it came from. Then, he took a drink of his beverage to get rid of it.

“Barley Bros.” was the last song of Brown Ale’s concert. As Mope, Sew and Vigilant had done before—they alternated with each verse, accompanied each other on certain portions of the verses and collaborated on the choruses. As the song came to an end, they praised the audience’s participation and they parted the stage. Afterwards, Foster made his way back onto the stage and advised the crowd to give the men another round of applause.

“Lab Rats”, “Forsaken”, “Crackpot”, “Decisions” and “Fall” were also a part of Brown Ale’s set.