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Broward Teachers Union opposes release of value added data

The Broward Teachers Union issued a statement on February 24 opposing the court ordered release of teacher names and value added evaluation data.

In the release, Broward Teachers Union president Sharon Glickman, Esq., was quoted as saying, “Parents and community members have rightfully lost confidence in Florida’s teacher and student evaluation programs. After nearly four years and millions of our hard-earned tax dollars spent on a formula that is nearly incomprehensible, these flawed and meaningless calculations are all the Florida Department of Education has to show for its efforts. Floridians can now see that this effort has accomplished absolutely nothing for Florida’ students: It’s nothing more than an expensive exercise in futility that is taking money from the classroom,” said Glickman.

The Broward Teachers Union release made a number of points. It stated that the Broward Teachers Union supports teacher accountability and that Broward schools have some of the best teachers in the United States. It stated that assessments of teachers, like assessments of students, must be valid, transparent and multi-faceted. These value-added model calculations meet none of these requirements. The release stated that the Value Added Model uses a formula that is comprehensible to only a small number of statisticians and cannot be independently verified and that nearly all teachers’ Valued Added Model numbers are calculated according to students’ FCAT scores, but only about 30 percent of teachers in Florida teach students and subjects tested on the FCAT, according to the Broward Teachers Union release dated February 24.

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