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Broward Sheriff's Office demonstrates a new phone app for kid's safety

There have been way too many accidental leaving children in hot cars, some resulting in death. Twenty-one children, including two in Florida, that have died due to heat stroke. Now, a free app to help save children’s lives was demonstrated to officers and paramedics of the Broward Sheriff’s Office this past Thursday as part of National Heatstroke Prevention Day reported by The Sun Sentinel on Friday, August 1, 2014.

Children cannot survive in hot cars.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It was developed by Atlanta-based Mobile Life Solutions and now being reviewed by Apple. This is a simple concept when activated; the app sounds an alarm when the phone hasn’t moved above 10 mph for five minutes. So, this is a reminder for parents to check on their children in the car. Spokesman Mike Jachles, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue, said, “it’s a modern-day string around your finger. But, there is no substitute for direct checking and just knowing where your child is.”

Chief emergency room medical director of Broward Health North, Jerry Brooks, explained to the officers how easy it is for a child to get heat stroke. When a car sits in the sun just for 10 minutes the temperature inside can raise 20 degrees. He even demonstrated an air-conditioned car that has been turned off sitting in the shade went from an 80-degree temperature to 106-degrees inside in a matter of 40 minutes.

Babies and young children do not have the sweat glands and body mechanisms to cool themselves down like an adult can. If a child’s body temperature rises to 105 degrees for a period of time, the child can suffer brain damage and organ failure.

Hopefully parents and caregivers will be given the opportunity to download this new Google Play app, KidsSafe Alert in the near future that will help to rid of this horrible abuse to children.

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