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Broward School District is seeking new bus drivers

The Broward County School District is now in the process of hiring about 60 new bus drivers.

A job fair to accept applications from potential drivers was held in Pompano Beach. Those who came to the job fair with a resume and documentation showing they did not have more than five points on their driver's license in the past five years were granted interviews. The City of Pompano Beach also participated in the job fair and was seeking to hire bus drivers.

"We are offering a targeted job fair. This job fair is focused on bus drivers and the school district is the largest participating," said Susan Kores. She hosted the job fair on behalf of the City of Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Business Resource Center.

Kores said this is one of many job fairs that the Business Resource Center has hosted in recent years. But this is different in that it was focused on type of job.

And Kores was pleased with the quality of the people who were applying for bus driver positions. "We found that most of the people who came had the resumes and proof of a good driving record when they came. And most of the people who came were qualified to participate in the training program to earn a commercial driver's license," said Kores.

Simone Clowers, the supervisor of the training program for bus drivers for the Broward County School District was very impressed by the applicants who came. She found that some already had their commercial driver's license although the Broward School District will pay for the training necessary for the commercial driver's license. She was impressed by the enthusiastic attitude of those who applied. "We had many good candidates," said Clowers.

Andrew McCormick was one of the applicants. He has driven buses in the past and hopes to do it again. "I love driving school buses and I hope to do it in Broward County," said McCormick.

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