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Broward Jobless rate is higher

The Broward County unemployment rate is now 5.2 percent, an increase from 5 percent in April, according to a State of Florida report in an article by Marcia Heroux Pounds in the June 21 Sun Sentinel.

The employment situation is still good for many people. But is hard for those who are looking for work and may have been out of work for a longer period of time.

"I actually have two jobs, but they don't offer benefits or a retirement. I work as a waitress and a camp counselor," said Heather Anderson.

"The job market is good for people with skills. I have received a number of offers but I have master degree in computer science," said Brent Nicole.

"I hope the job market stays strong. I need to work and so do my friends," said Mandy Peterson, a waitress.

"We need companies to come to this area that offer higher wage jobs. I wish we had more manufacturing here," said Steven Acker.

Many young people have been hit hard by the economic downturn. They have struggle to find jobs that provide full benefits and high salaries. Older people who were laid off in the recession may be struggling to go back to work. Some have found only low wage jobs that offer few opportunities for advancement. But many people are encouraged by the uptick in the job market. The Florida job market is stronger than other parts of the nation.

"I came here from Cleveland. I work in construction and there are more jobs in construction here. I have received three offers and I am working about 60 hours per week," said Randall Branson.

"We need to keep the jobs coming. I work in education and I am always looking for better opportunities, said Andrea Holloway.

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