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Broward County unemployment rate is now five percent

The Broward County unemployment rate is now at 5 percent. It has been 5.5 percent in March and one year ago it was 6 percent. Broward County has seen the addition of 24,700 jobs over the past year with significant gains in retail, transportation, leisure and hospitality, according to an article by Marcia Heroux Pounds in the May 17 Sun Sentinel.

"This is really good news for working people. I am glad to see that more jobs are being added to the area's economy," said Barbara Lyons.

"It is always good news when more jobs are added to the economy and I am glad to hear that more people are going back to work," said Justin Graham.

Since the recession ended, more people in South Florida have gone back to work. While some of the jobs being offered are not as high paying, those who are able to get these jobs are able to pay their bills, save some money and gain new and valuable skills.

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