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Broward County Schools superintendent Robert Runcie promotes $800 bond.

For Broward School District Superintendent Robert Runcie, his big test taking place now. He will receive his grade in November when Broward County voters go to the polls to vote on whether or not to approve an $800 million bond that will be used to pay for improvements to schools and to upgrade high technology used by students.

"We need this $800 million to made needed improvement to the schools in our district," said Runcie. "If the voters approve the bond, this money will be used to buy additional computers and to repair roofs and walls of the schools. Many of the schools in our district need extensive repairs. Also, we will use this money to improve air conditioning systems in the schools. We will improve safety but having only one point of entry for each school."

Not only will Runcie's career depend on the passage of the bond. He has been working to hard to sell the bond to Broward County voters. Broward students also need computers to be more competitive in the workplace they will face after completing their education. Most employers expect their workers to have knowledge of computers. Also, more education programs are being delivered online. Many college entrance exams must be taken online.

"Right now, we don't have enough computers for our students. We want to get to point where there is one computer for each student. We need to improve the technology in our schools," said Runcie.

While some people are cynical about the value of a school bond, others believe it is important. "I think we need to improve the schools. Students in school today will be the doctors, lawyers, plumbers and electricians of tomorrow. We need to make sure that young people have everything they need to succeed in the college and the workplace," said Corinne Mitchell.

"I think we need to have some improvements in the schools. But I am not sure a bond is the way to do it. I still think there is a lot of fat that can be cut in public school spending," said Ellen Struve.

"We need this bond. We need to rebuild a lot of Broward schools. These schools educate our children. Our children will be taking care of us in the future," said Meagan Koch.

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