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Broward County adds 24,600 jobs over the past year

Good news for working people in Broward County. There are more and more jobs opening up. The job market has been improving over the past year and promises to get even better in the coming year.

The Broward County unemployment rate dropped to 5.2 percent in June, a decrease from 6.4 percent one year ago. Broward County added 24,600 jobs over the past year, according to the Department of Economic Opportunity, in an article by Marcia Heroux Pounds in the July 19 Sun Sentinel.

"I hope this trend continues. I remember how hard it was to get a job a few years ago. I work in the construction industry and things are picking up a little bit. We are seeing more homes being built. Actually now there is a shortage of homes and so people like me are getting more job offers. I work as a carpenter," said Jordan Handley.

"We need even more jobs. I work as a waitress and I am always happy when I see more people working. If more people are working than more people are coming to my restaurant to spend money. When people are out of work, then they are not spending money on restaurant meals and then I don't make as much money. I hope more people get good and high paying jobs, said Julia Richards.

"It is good that more people are getting jobs, but I am not sure how good some of those jobs are. Too many of the jobs being created don't pay much and don't offer much in the way of job security. For example restaurant jobs really don't pay much and they are not jobs that people can really plan on keeping for most of their life. I would like to see more manufacturing and high tech jobs," said Bryan O'Neal.

"We need all the jobs we can get. I work in the food service business and when more people are working more people are spending money on my business. I just hope the unemployment rate stays low. I don't like it when people are not working because that means I can't work as much," said Carl Waldo.

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