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'Brothers in War' narrated by Charlie Sheen on National Geographic Channel

Brothers in War is the story of the Charlie Company in Vietnam
Brothers in War is the story of the Charlie Company in Vietnam

"Brothers in War," a film about the young men in the Charlie Company, a platoon that battled in Vietnam, premiered on National Geographic Channel on March 26, 2014. Narrated by Charlie Sheen, the story of war and brotherhhod is told through first-person accounts and archival footage, nearly 50 years after the experience.

Charlie Sheen, who rose to stardom after his 1986 performance as a Vietnam soldier in “Platoon,” narrates the the two-hour special on National Geographic Channel and on Nat Geo Mundo.

Military historian Dr. Erik B. Villard made statement about the powerful film, as follows:

“Having spent the last two decades researching and writing about the Vietnam War, I must say ‘Brothers in War’ is one of the finest documentaries about that conflict ever produced, featuring razor-sharp editing, masterfully restored archival footage, and a powerful yet understated musical score. The narration by Charlie Sheen is first-rate, as are the interviews conducted with members of Charlie Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry, who offer compelling testimony about the harsh realities of combat and the bonds of brotherhood forged in war. A must-see.” -Dr. Erik B. Villard, Military Historian

The boys of Charlie Company, a platoon that stayed together from boot camp to battle, were sent to war in 1967, They went to war in the Mekong Delta, the homeland of the Viet Cong, and entered a foreign land of murderous heat, unforgiving jungle and a new age of guerrilla warfare. This “band of brothers” journeyed from boot camp to combat and, for the lucky ones, back home. The men of Charlie Company share first hand stories about their training, the horror of war, grief over lost comrades and their camaraderie through life changing experiences.

War in Vietnam for the men of Charlie Company was unlike anything they could have imagined. Their deployment was one year long, and they suffered 26 killed and 105 wounded, a total casualty rate of just over 80 percent. They were among the first U.S. servicemen to return home from the Vietnam War, not to open arms, but to jeering, cursing protestors.

"Brothers in War" sheds light on the many aspects of war faced by the soldiers in Vietnam. soldiers faced. Aside from the casualties of battle and heroic acts of bravery in the field, the veterans featured in the film also recall some of the lighter moments that helped forge lifelong friendships. They recall who got the best care packages, funny nicknames, the swimming pool back at base and even an instance where they used marijuana leaves as camouflage.

Today, the survivors of Charlie Company still get together regularly. The bonds forged in the dangerous jungles of Vietnam have lasted a lifetime.

"Brothers in War "is produced by Lou Reda Productions for National Geographic Channel. For Lou Reda Productions, executive producers are Lou Reda and Scott L. Reda, producer is Liz Reph and chief historical consultant is Dr. Andrew Wiest. For National Geographic Channel, executive producer is Madeleine Carter, vice president of production and development is Kevin Mohs and executive vice president of programming is Heather Moran.

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