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Brothers recreate childhood vacation photos as gift for mom

Two brothers, Toma and Paul, have gone to great lengths to give the perfect birthday gift to their mother of 55. If you've ever wondered if your children even remember the family vacations you've taken them on, well, these two brothers surely did. They decided to remake photos of themselves from back in the 80's taken in various places in Romania where they were taken on vacation when they were children. In order to accomplish this feat, they had to travel over 1,000 miles over two weekends in order to recreate the photos of their childhood.

1,000 plus mile trip and 16 photos later a mom receives a gift of a lifetime.
1,000 plus mile trip and 16 photos later a mom receives a gift of a lifetime.
Screenshot of accompanying video.
For the love of mom.
screenshot of video accompanying article

The boys went to great lengths to bring a smile to their mom's face. They recreated the photos in the exact same spots, as well as the same poses as the earlier photos of themselves. It goes to show you that a child's love knows no bounds.

Is parenting worth all the tears and long hours? Well, the mother of these two boys who are now in their mid to late 20's cried tears of joy when she saw how thoughtful her boys were and how much they love her.

Seeing how some families forget to snap those photos, it shows memories are worth saving. These brothers made sure theirs would never be forgotten.


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