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Brothers Gow Place Focus on OB Charity, Due to Release Full-length Album

These guys are sure to show you a great time.
These guys are sure to show you a great time.
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For several San Diegans fortunate enough to call Ocean Beach home, love of the arts, and community is ingrained in their psyche. In the funky, yet visceral streets of the beach hamlet, evidence of creativity shines through every waking step. All of the members of the ever-present five-piece Brothers Gow currently reside here, and don't look like they're picking up stakes anytime soon.

Originally hailing from Flagstaff, Arizona, Brothers Gow eventually found themselves on the stage at Gallagher's Irish Pub in OB, which ultimately enticed a unanimous "Let's f**king move here." Since their arrival a few years back, the boys have quickly become fixtures at Winstons Beach Club, where they most recently held down the New Years Eve slot, and are billed along with Quactus this May 23. With their connection through Tim "The Godfather," they also have the tremendous ability to headline the annual street fairs and farmer's markets.

Well, the boys of BG are currently in post-production of their full-length album, Reflections, due out this fall, and already have an impressive tour of entirely western dates lined up for this summer. All of the tracks on Reflections were recorded in Tucson, but have been mixing it at Langdon Studios in La Mesa, with producer Steve Langdon putting in the final touches.

According to drummer Nathan Walsh-Haines, "Reflections is more of a piece of work than our last album, Chapters. This being said, one can find several recurring themes and lyrics, complete with four-part harmonies, throughout."

Though they are currently held up in the post-production of one track in particular, the boys of Brothers Gow look forward to their extensive summer tour. The tour will commence with the Winston's show, followed by a slew of shows in the Pacific northwest, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and New Mexico. Providing an auditory and visually-appealing feast, Brothers Gow truly shine in their live performances. Like most musicians, they do not place an emphasis on genre, but explore, and truly enjoy originals and covers from all over the spectrum.

"We have a pretty solid fan base back in Flagstaff," says guitarist Ethan Wade. "Of course we line up shows based in some of our hometowns, but that's one thing that we are learning to do now: tour smarter."

It should be noted that they are backed by the very talented light manager, Matt Collier, who himself adapts to the emotive abilities of the group. They are also fortunate to team up with local PR agency, Blooming Footprint, for their upcoming tour.

As their name would imply, these guys are truly brothers in arms with a very distinct sense of humor and outlook on life. They are more than active in the community that has provided so many blessings for them, and this is paramount in their work through the Brothers Gow Foundation. That's right, foundation. Their fundraising efforts have already seen them donate $1,000 to the OB Elementary music program, and they aim to go a few steps further - placing a stringed instrument in every classroom.

Just this past January, they held a fundraiser at the OB Playhouse to benefit the Autism Society of San Diego.

"That was the youngest crowd we have ever played to," said guitarist Alex Gow-Bastine. "But we just think its a shame the in a community that prides itself on artistic expression lacks funding for a music program at the elementary school."

Suffice it to say, Brothers Gow is not only enriching the lives of OB Elementary students, but perpetuating the idea of community and "giving what you have," when others are in need.

Though the band is always looking to expand, and are looking forward to touring the east coast in the distant future, their southern California and Arizona following will obviously bring out their best live shows yet. The show at Winstons on May 23 will surely ignite their energy and interest in this upcoming tour, in which they will rapidly expand their fan base. San Diego Music Examiner is stoked for the release of Reflections, of which a review will be published on this site.

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