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Brother says Benedict XVI does not regret stepping aside

Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, the brother of Supreme Pontiff Emeritus Benedict XVI said in a recent interview that Benedict still does not regret resigning one year on, Catholic News Agency reported yesterday. Monsignor Ratzinger told German reporter Michael Hesemann that his brother doesn't have any regrets. “My brother does not regret at all the decision he made one year ago,” Monsignor Ratzinger said. “He very clearly understands the tasks and roles he wants to carry out, and the decision one year ago was clear and continues to be valid today.”

The Pope Emeritus' brother is one of the world's foremost experts on sacred music, and was raised to the dignity of Pronotary Apostolic by Blessed Pope John Paul II. According to Monsignor Ratzinger, Benedict still keeps as active a schedule as possible. “My brother is in great health, he tries to have quiet time although he does not have all the time he would like to play the piano or receive phone calls, since he still has many visits and audiences.” The Pontiff Emeritus continues his life of prayer and theological study, but his brother said that it was not known if he was writing his memoirs, which would not be published until after the former Pope's death in any event.

The two clerics still maintain a very close fraternal relationship. “I have a second telephone in my room that has a number only he knows, if that phone rings, I know it’s my brother, the Pope, who is calling,” Ratzinger explained

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