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Brooklyn Synth pop duo Kodacrome release debut LP 'Aftermaths'

Brooklyn Synth Pop Duo Kodacrome Release Debut LP "Aftermaths"
Brooklyn Synth Pop Duo Kodacrome Release Debut LP "Aftermaths"

Following the release of their 2012 debut Perla EP, Brooklyn electronic synth pop duo Kodacromereturn to playlists and stages this summer with an brand new full length LP titled "Aftermaths," out today digitally and on vinyl.

First premiered exclusively on Indie Shuffle, this 10-track LP combines the electro-pop gleam and art-house detachment of Ladytron, with the apocalyptic beats of Portishead and Depeche Mode. The result is a spell-binding collection of dark-electro that will certainly captivate you from the moment you press play.

Listen to Aftermaths Here:

The central theme for Aftermaths was established when Elissa & Ryan were at the tail-end of a two year urban exile when suddenly a 7-foot leatherback turtle washed ashore at their feet. Although lifeless and battered, they admired the majestic, over 100 year-old creature, for exemplifying an oddly peaceful image in the wake of destruction. The duo knew they had found their muse.

Creating hypnotic arrangements by combining Elissa LeCoque's Siouxsie Sioux-esque vocals andRyan Casey’s haunting production, this pair crafts fragmented pop songs with an electronic twist. On a more tonal and stylistic note, Ryan's production work with KaeoFLUX and Pilot Balloon always had a cinematic, dystopian, and atmospheric tilt to it. Press for Pilot Balloon used terms like“harrowing”, “arresting” and even “a web of post-nuclear haze and confusion that is so oppressive, it’s terrifying” (Pop Matters) - Ryan notes, "So considering our new record is called Aftermaths, I think I brought a lot of that heavy emotion to the production on this one as well."

Lead single Buggy Bumper is moody and reverberant while second single Immaculada "is an eerie electronic track that moves, sways, and pulsates with heavy tribal beats and synths" (Indie Shuffle).

Kodacrome Aftermaths Tracklisting:

1. White Love

2. Immaculada

3. Buggy Bumper

4. Strike The Gold

5. Panama

6. Dripstone

7. Be My Oyster

8. Mugshot

9. Solitary and Elect

10. The City Is Burning

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