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Brooklyn stabbing: 2 kids stabbed in elevator possibly by man taunting neighbors

A monster barged into an elevator with a little 6-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl and somewhere between the first and fourth floors, he butchered the children with a knife. The little boy died from his stab wounds and the girl is fighting for her life in the hospital, according to the New York Daily News on June 3.

Brooklyn stabbings of two small children in an elevator: Suspect believed to be homeless man who has been taunting the residents of the housing project.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

The Brooklyn butcher was identified by the father of the dead boy, when witnesses saw him run off the elevator and out the door. The description they gave is that of a homeless man who has been "taunting" the residents of this apartment complex where the stabbings happened, reports MSN News.

Prince Joshua Avitto, who was called PJ, was killed and was found in a pool of blood in the elevator. Little Mikayla Capers managed to crawl out of the elevator dripping with blood as the attacker fled.

The two kids were playmates and when they were told there were ices waiting for them, they boarded the elevator. They were in the elevator when this killer barged in and started to stab the children when the door closed.

He stabbed the children about the torso after telling them to "shut-up," report police. The FBI has been called in for help in finding this guy as he is a cold-blooded killer of the worst kind, going after helpless kids. They want to catch him before he has a chance to repeat this crime. They believe he may have also murdered a teenager in the same neighborhood.

The police sketch has been released and the public is asked for their help. Law enforcement officers have searched area shelters and soup kitchens in hopes that someone has seen this homeless man who may be the killer. Police said when the elevator stopped on the first floor, the killer fled, stumbling and almost falling at one point during his get away.

Both children were rushed to the Brookdale University Hospital, where PJ died. His little friend is in the hospital and although she is unable to talk, her mother said, she is able to follow the commands given to her by the hospital staff.

A $12,000 reward is offered for help in arresting this killer and police ask that anyone who has any information on this crime to please call 1-800-577-TIPS.

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