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Brooklyn stabbing: 2 kids stabbed in elevator as they headed up for ice cream

A Brooklyn stabbing left one child dead and another injured and authorities are still searching for the suspect. The two kids stabbed include a 7-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy who were in an elevator heading to get some ice cream from the young boy's apartment. The Associated Press via ABC News shared the available details on Monday.

A Brooklyn stabbing of 2 kids left one in critical condition, one dead
Screencap via video

Reports indicate that the two young children had been playing together outside the Boulevard Houses development when they went in alone to head up to the sixth floor apartment. It seems a heavyset man believed to be in his 20s cornered them in the elevator and stabbed them both repeatedly with a steak knife. The suspect was then seen running away from the scene, leaving the knife behind.

The young boy, Prince Joshua Avitto, known as P.J., was pronounced dead at the hospital. Mikayla Capers is in critical condition. Sadly there were no security cameras available to capture the brutal assault and give the police leads as to who is responsible. Police believe the man who did the Brooklyn stabbing may have assaulted an 18-year-old woman last Friday nearby.

At this point there is a $5,000 reward offered for information that leads authorities to the man responsible for the Brooklyn stabbing of the two children. Police Commissioner William Bratton says, “We're going to get this guy,” and officers have swarmed the area determined to find the man responsible. Community members and the families of the children are, naturally, devastated, frightened and angry over this senseless Brooklyn stabbing of the two kids.

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