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Brooklyn’s Flower Child Nitty Scott-Give Her Room To Grow

It’s a beaten to death topic of what the mainstream landscape has become for the ladies of Hip Hop. While the culture that so many love ideally should be color blind and equal opportunity to all sexes, it unfortunately isn’t. There are dollars at stake now which means, formula’s, algorithms and marketing plans on how to get the most ROI on an artist. In the past year we’re seen Nicki Minaj as the standout mainstream female artist with a brash style that has attracted horders of fans but turned off just as many. Appealing to the sexual extreme’s that ladies like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown opened up in the 90′s has that effect. In the midst of the “Hey, let me shake it for you while I rap” artists that are attempting to hold our attention, we have a new force emerging. Her name is Nitty Scott MC. Please don’t do to her what get’s done to so many. Don’t box her in.

Nitty Scott

As leader of The Boombox Family movement there has always been a throwback sound to Nitty’s music that quickly connected her to the underground elements, traditionalists and backpack legions of Hip Hop. She’s super lyrical and comes with a level of content that doesn’t fall into what you normally hear from ladies on the mic presently. Naturally with many crying out for new leadership and creativity from the Big Apple Nitty’s ascension is perfectly timed. I’ve said before that by the end of 2014 she will be a mainstream force in this game. You can’t ignore the number of “IT” factors she combines but that’s where my worries arise. She has talent to spare and she’s gorgeous too. She’s spoken often about the difficulties of being an attractive lady MC. It’s a reality of the game and when the cross over to the mainstream happens (and it will happen) the people who support you get funny when changes come.

Nitty Scott has always been her. There’s no mistaking the person she is via her art and there has never been a need to play off her looks to gain respect. With that said she’s a young woman and like any woman she is coming into her own on many levels. That includes the full acceptance and embracing of her femininity. In other words, it’s not always going to be baggy clothes and skullies for the rising star.

Recently Nitty shared some playful “Disney themed” imagery that leaves no doubt how much of a woman she is. Yet there were those that cried out. “Don’t turn into these other female artists”, “Please stay the same Nitty we loved” etc,etc….. We do this so often and it’s horrible. Why can’t an artist be multiple things? Can we not support a multi-faceted MC that can be gritty and savage with her bars on one song yet honest, open and 100% woman on another? In my opinion she gives you just as much sex appeal as the current top lady in the game but does so in a manner that isn’t putting anyone down.

I’ve yet to hear Ms Scott call anyone a “bum b***h” or a silly h*e”. You combine that with her recent interview where she opened up to the people about past bouts with depression and sexual abuse, this woman needs to be applauded and supported in whatever manner we can. That includes stepping back and allowing her room to grow and evolve without outside pressures to be what we want her to be.

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai

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