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Brooklyn punk cat kicker hissed at in Brooklyn Criminal Court

Back in May, Andre Robinson, 22, was arrested in Brooklyn after a torturous video was posted on Facebook, showing the punk first petting a gray and white cat and then kicking the cat as hard as he could, while his friends as well as Robinson, laughed hysterically.

King, the one-year-old cat has since been adopted and no longer has to think of his past life.
Debbie Fiero/ Mayor's Alliance for NY City's Animals

The neighborhood cat, named King, went flying 20 feet through the air. The video went viral, and authorities were able to track Robinson to his home at the Brevoort House in Bedford Stuyvesant where he was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

On Monday, nobody was laughing as animal lovers hissed, meowed, and called Robinson a "loser" as he appeared at the Brooklyn Criminal Court with his attorney. According to the New York Daily News, assistant attorney Jeannie Lopez stated there would be no plea deals, and a trial for misdemeanor animal abuse was scheduled to begin on September 15.

The well publicized case has drawn national and international attention, and it seems animal lovers from all over the world are just sick and tired of abusers walking away from such egregious acts with just a slap on their wrists.

Robinson's attorney was not pleased with all of the cat hisses, but then again no one threw up any "furballs."

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Robinson faces a year in jail if found guilty.

The Facebook page, Justice for King has garnered nearly 12,000 "likes" and continues to regularly update readers.

The good news is that King was found, vetted and has since been adopted and is living the "cat's meow" in Manhattan.

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