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Brooklyn Nets rumors: Brook Lopez injury update a positive one for Nets

Brook Lopez is ready to take back the job of starting center for the Brooklyn Nets.
Brook Lopez is ready to take back the job of starting center for the Brooklyn Nets.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Brooklyn Nets rumors about Brook Lopez are good for fantasy basketball owners and great for the franchise. These Nets rumors come from late Monday (Aug. 4), as it was revealed that the center has been cleared to play. According to a report from ESPN, his rehab after undergoing foot and ankle surgery has gone splendidly. It means he will be ready for the first game of the 2014-15 NBA season and that he becomes a top center when it comes to fantasy basketball drafts again.

Lopez spoke about the news, stating that, "I was fully cleared for play and everything about a week and a half ago now. Now it's time to get back in shape." That's exactly what fans want to hear, especially since it has been so long since he was on the basketball court. The center suffered a season-ending right foot injury way back on Dec. 20 in Philadelphia. It really hurt the team and its low post presence and it quickly became obvious that the team needed him to make it deeper into the postseason.

Before getting hurt last season, Lopez was putting together his best year in the NBA. He was averaging 20.7 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks per game. Those are All-Star numbers and it certainly showed just how valuable he could be in the world of fantasy basketball. Now that he has a clean bill of health once again, it will become very important for owners to keep a keen eye on him during the preseason and when drafts begin. He is again a must-have at the position.

While many of the Brooklyn Nets rumors this offseason have not been positive, especially with the loss of Jason Kidd as the coach, this is one that goes in the column of great news. If he is indeed 100 percent healthy again, Brook Lopez will provide the team with a reliable center on offense and defense that can help the team match up against anything else the Eastern Conference has to offer. Now the team just needs to work on adding a few more complimentary pieces.