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Brooklyn mine trail on horse back

On top of the mountain
On top of the mountain

This trail is perfectly accessible on horseback, especially because at the start of it is a parking place with enough space for a couple of trucks with trailers. The trail is kept very well and there is enough room to ride with friends. The trail is about 6 miles long (one way).

The parking space is on Cunard Rd, the river access road, in Cunard. It is the first parking lot on right going towards the river. The trail is right above the parking lot and heads slowly up the mountains. It goes along side the incredible New River Gorge and you have a spectacular view of the river and the mountains because you are at higher elevation. This makes the trail beautiful all year long, especially in the winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

Riding along the trail you will eventually come to a split in the trail where you can go to the right and go even higher up the mountain. You will then pass a creek with a waterfall and moss covered rocks. The scenes are very varied here; it gives a good impression of how beautiful West Virginia nature is.  The trail goes slowly more up and eventually you will come at the top of the mountain with all round views. This is a good place to have a rest if you would like and let your horse graze a little bit, since there is a grass field here made by the local water plant.

If the gate across the field is open you can follow that trail down the mountain, this road will end up on the trail you came from. Or you can go back where you came from and follow the exact trail back.

If ridden in walk, up and down this trail will take about 2 hours.


  • claudia libi 5 years ago

    Sounds good. I will check it out next time I'm in the neighborhood.
    Looking forward to your next column.

  • Esther Kalkman 5 years ago

    Ik zou het heel graag samen met je rijden !
    Liefs Es

  • Michelle Pettrey 5 years ago

    Great information and good looking horse!

  • Jo Means 5 years ago

    I can almost feel the breeze on my face and the quite surroundings as Iris rides through the beautiful moutain trials.
    Keep writing about the beauty of horse back riding. It brings calm to me

  • Sita 5 years ago

    Het is net alsof je er zelf rijdt!

  • bettie 5 years ago

    Leuk, jammer dat het zo ver weg is...

  • tk 5 years ago

    thanks, you paint a great picture of the mountain experience.

  • Iris 5 years ago

    Thank you for your compliments! Happy you enjoy my writing!

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