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Brooklyn for southern barbecue

Delaney Barbecue owner Daniel Delaney
Vladimir Merisca

If you or anyone you know are selective carnivores it’s very likely that you’ve got a list of dishes where the featured protein on your plate has to meet a specific standard in order to satisfy your palate. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that barbecue fans, for the most part, can be selective about their meat.

New Yorkers already know that there are several barbecue restaurants throughout the five boroughs that they can frequent, but what is it about Delaney Barbecue in Brooklyn that distinguishes it from the others?

“We do our best to produce a style of barbecue that is from the very center of Texas, which is known for it’s beef barbecue versus the average pork barbecue. We’re the only barbecue place in New York City that tries to focus on one regional style,” says former New Jersey food blogger, Daniel Delaney.

In the summer of 2012, Delaney’s passion for barbecue led to him to Austin, Texas where he purchased an 18-foot smoker that he drove back home. Determined to give Brooklyn barbecue fans authentic central Texan barbecue and cuisine Delaney and a few friends launched an event series called Brisketlab where they set up a marketing tool that got customers to pre-order their barbecue. They would cook at his parents’ home in New Jersey, then customers would redeem their purchases at various free spaces in New York City for them to enjoy. Within the first 48 hours, he sold about 3,200 pounds of brisket and raised about $70,000. Delaney also used Brisketlab as an opportunity to hone his barbecue style and develop his barbecue fan base. Using that same marketing strategy, Delaney was able to gather enough investors and customers to open his restaurant in Williamsburg.

Delaney Barbecue is more of a table service dining area rather than your conventional restaurant. There isn’t much of a kitchen facility on location. The food is cooked in a separate nearby commercial space that he rents and is brought over daily. “Part of the reason for that is that we are the only barbecue place in New York City that cooks entirely outdoors,” says Delaney.

Today Delaney is extremely proud of his barbecue style, which is made with high quality hormone and anti-biotic-free beef. He continues to reap the benefits of his region-specific southern cuisine and hospitality with the growing number of barbecue enthusiasts that come to his Williamsburg space for a real Texas barbecue experience.

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