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Brooklyn dance company takes on the 1920s

The MoveShop
The MoveShop

In a quaint mid-town building on Wednesday, a Brooklyn dance company hosted a 1920s themed soiree. The evening was complete with mint julips, flapper dresses and a Great Gatsby inspired performance. Everything from the drinks and food, to the music was instrumental in creating a lovely and magical night.

Movement Workshop Group had some big goals and announcements for the event. Not only did they fundraise by selling tickets, offering amazing raffle prizes and a silent auction, but they also announced a new name and direction for the company. Now, The MoveShop is adapting and evolving to mimic the rest of the world. They are a collective of artists and creative innovators who are not content to stay where they are. They wanted change and they took it.

The MoveShop uses social media to connect with communities and lovers of their work. They have a strong presence on social platforms, which proves that they are not only creative but savvy and effective business people.

The MoveShop's artistic director Leslie Guyton and manager Sam Owens, work endlessly to not only reach audiences, but reach communities and make a difference. Their new name also comes with new goals, to give back.

This company is not one to ignore, from their past works you can tell that they've always looked at things differently, resulting in engaging and irresistible pieces that incorporate dance, theater and live music. Everything about their sets, props and lighting design are thought provoking and inspiring.

Keep up with The MoveShop here, You don't want to miss the next soiree. Oh, and they have a full length, Great Gatsby inspired piece in the works, so we all have that to look forward to.