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Brooklyn Bridge white flags mysteriously replace the US flags (VIDEO)

In one of the most unusual occurrences ever, the United States flags high above the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City were not red, white and blue on Tuesday morning. Instead, the flags were bleached white. Blowing in the summer breeze, American flags fly at the iconic landmark. But mysteriously, the flags were altered, according to the New York Times on Tuesday.

The mysterious white flag that replaced the United States flag on the Brooklyn Bridge on July 22, 2014
ABC-TV screenshot

William J. Bratton, New York City’s police commissioner, said that he is not particularly happy about the flag-changing event. Obviously, his police officers missed something big overnight. Surveillance camera recordings show a group of people crossing the bridge at approximately 3:10 a.m. That would be just before the lights that light up the flags on both towers of the Brooklyn Bridge went out. From the surveillance observation, it appeared that huge aluminum pans – much like large pans used to cook lasagna for a large crowd – were used to cover up the lights.

John Miller, New York City’s Police Department’s deputy commissioner of counterterrorism, asserts that the persons who altered the flags most likely had some climbing experience. He believes that the people who climbed the towers to alter the flags probably had experience with bridges. He admitted that there is no particular nexus to terrorism or politics at this time. He went on to say that this occurrence could be someone’s art project or someone’s statement – though he said they are just not clear what that statement is.

While it would seem logical to think that the white flags were intended to mean the traditional surrender, it doesn’t seem to pan out this time. The white flags were actually American flags that were bleached. Washed out – or bleached out – American flags. What could the persons behind the flag alteration meant? At this point, all that can be said for sure – according to a Yahoo! News report - is that authorities with the New York City Police Department are investigating.

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