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Brooklyn Brewery Mash tour spends a week in New Orleans

The Mash is heading to New Orleans
The Mash is heading to New Orleans

There is something downright communal about the craft beer scene... a feeling of inclusion and welcoming that is rare in the business world. Brewers regularly appear at each other's events, and the ever popular "collaboration beer" is quite possibly the best way to enjoy two (or more) of your favorite breweries at once. It is always encouraging to see industry folks complimenting the competition's brews, and truly exciting when they work together to further the cause of damned fine beer for everyone. The downside is, unfortunately, distance. How do you conspire with someone who's work you admire when their facilities are 1000 miles away?

Well... Brooklyn Brewery has an answer for that. Welcome the Brooklyn Brewery Mash.

The Mash is a traveling cultural exploration of a dozen cities around the world, exploring the best in each community... food, music, film, comedy, writing, and of course, beer. Brooklyn is bringing a little bit of NYC with them, but mixing it up with the locals at each stop along the way to create a blend of communities that enhances the experience for all of us. Set it all against the backdrop of the greatest social lubricant known to man, and you've got one hell of a tour.

Especially when they roll into New Orleans this Saturday!

So yeah, we'll be joined by Brooklyn and the Mash crew from March 29th through April 5th. Food pairings! Live music! Film fests! Comedy shows! And throughout it all... BEER! You can see the entire schedule over at the website, but here are a few highlights I can't wait to enjoy myself.

  • Craft Beer Revolution
    Tuesday, April 1st at 7pm - NOLA Brewing
    (WARNING: Self-promotion imminent!)
    Join me as I moderate a panel discussion on the past, present, and future of the craft beer movement, based on the book of the same name by Brooklyn co-founder Steve Hindy. Also featuring Mary Wiles of Brooklyn, David Blossman of Abita, and Kirk Coco of NOLA.
  • Brooklyn Summer Ale Kickoff Party
    Thursday, April 3rd at 10pm - d.b.a.
    April on the Gulf Coast means summer's almost here... even this frigid year! Get the season started right with some hot tunes and cold (but not "ice cold") beers on Frenchmen Street.
  • Brooklyn Cask-Off
    Saturday, April 5th at 2pm - Avenue Pub
    It wouldn't be a beer tour in New Orleans without a stop at the Avenue Pub. Three cask-conditioned Brooklyn ales on tap: Summer Ale, Brooklyn EIPA, and Blast! Great way to end the tour if you ask me.

That's just a tiny sample of the ginormous goodness that awaits you next week during the Mash. It's a great opportunity to consume some fine craft beer and enjoy a little bonus culture while you're at it. And don't forget to say hi to me if you catch me at one of these events. I'll be the one drinking.

Find me there?

Until then, drink well my friends...

Mark Burlet
Drunken Intellectual
Twitter: @DrunkIntellect

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