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Brookline Democrats use celebrity’s death to push gun control

Brookline Democrats use celebrity's death to push control
Brookline Democrats use celebrity's death to push control
Kimberly Morin

It was discovered yesterday that actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his NYC apartment from an apparent drug overdose (a coroner’s report will still have to be released). It took no time for the Brookline Democrats of Brookline, New Hampshire to put out a tweet using the death of Seymour to push gun control. Seymour had narrated a Mom’s Demand Action cartoon video pushing for this. The man’s body hasn’t even been buried and they thought it was appropriate to use his death ‘in remembrance’ to push gun control.

A better use of the man’s death, if they insist on using death to push anything (they seem to have a morbid fascination with this), is that illegal drugs kill. According to the CDC, "drug overdoes was the leading cause of death injury in 2010." Rather than push that message, they chose to push gun control of legal guns on law-abiding citizens. They feign to care so much about kids and people they neglect to use their message to warn them about the dangers of drugs. They prove yet again that they don’t actually care about people dying; they simply want to push gun control.

Brookline Democrats are hard-core supporters of the sometimes psychotic group yet never once think about the fact that New Hampshire doesn’t have a gun crime issue. Despite this, they used Hoffman’s death to push gun control, completely missing the opportunity to actually help kids and adults learn about something that is far more dangerous - and often illegal.