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Brookline Democrats: Insert foot into gun control mouth over FedEx shooting

Brookline Democrats: Insert foot into gun control mouth
Brookline Democrats on Twitter

Today the Brookline Democrats once again tweeted out another tweet making themselves looking completely incompetent and utterly ignorant. They were tweeting about the gunman who shot several people in a Kennesaw, Georgia FedEx facility. Kennesaw is the town that required all heads of households to own guns several years ago (which saw a huge dip in crime thanks to the law). Because the Brookline Democrats like to embarrass themselves on a regular basis, they posted a tweet that blames the law about gun ownership for the gunman’s actions.

The first thing wrong with their ‘meme’ is that no one forced the gunman to commit a crime. Certainly gun laws didn’t force him to shoot at people nor did an inanimate object. The second thing wrong with their meme is that FedEx in Kennesaw, GA is a gun free zone. That’s right, FedEx wouldn’t allow law-abiding gun owners in a town that mandates gun ownership to even bring their legal guns onto the site. There are signs on the building that let everyone know it is a 'gun free zone' In a town that clearly trusts law-abiding citizens, apparently FedEx heads did not; therefore creating an area ripe for a criminal intent on murdering people to take action.

Once again, Brookline Democrats prove their ignorance and stupidity by posting mis-information. Once again they use death to push gun control (the suspected shooter). They actually help push the mantra that gun free zones are bad which is what the NRA already claims. Anyone with half a brain would have done 10 minutes worth of research to discover the facts about the FedEx facility but not Democrats. Research is hard; googling stuff is even harder. Therefore, once again, Brookline Democrats earn the ‘stupid tweet of the day’ award. Hopefully the voters in their district are smarter than that.

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