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Brooke Burke Charvet teams with Quaker at Sundace's Good Energy Lodge

Any mom understands that having enough energy to tackle daily life is imperative. Many moms suffer from an energy crisis. Celebrity mom Brooke Burke Charvet has teamed with Quaker to share her thoughts and ideas on keeping moms energized throughout their busy days. She is the VIP host of the Quaker Good Energy Lodge at Sundance.

What is your Energy Crisis?

At this year's Sundance Film Festival, Quaker hosted guests at The Lodge. The Quaker Good Energy Lodge was the place to see and be seen by all the guests of the festival. In addition to the people watching, Quaker offered high energy snacks to keep guests energized throughout the day.

As part of the launch of the Quaker Good Energy Lodge, Brook Burke Charvet hosted a Google Hangout for select media participants. During the chat, she offered some of her person tips and ideas for maintaining her energy as a busy mom.

Brooke Burke Charvet offered these suggestions for being an energized mom.

  • Start your day with a good food choices, which provide good fuel.
  • Try five small meals throughout the day to maintain energy levels
  • Keep a snack chest in your car. Any busy mom knows how many hours are spent carpooling. The snack chest can be a quick, easy source for good food choices on the go.
  • Even on busy days, try to exercise. The activity can make you feel better.

During this year's Sundance Film Festival, Quaker previewed its short film, Quaker's Sundance Short Film on the Energy Crisis. This film shares three moms thoughts and experiences on their busy and sometimes overwhelming lifestyles. From making difficult choices to finding a moment to breathe, these moms are willing to put their children first. Most importantly, the children appreciate the choices that the moms are making.

Do you have a story about how your family keeps up its energy? Join the Energy Crisis conversation with the hashtag #QuakerUp.

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