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Brooke Burke cancer: Former 'DWTS' host is cancer free

Brooke Burke
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Brooke Burke has bounced back after her fight with thyroid cancer. The ex-host of "Dancing With the Stars" is speaking out about battling cancer and how great she is doing now. On Monday, ABC News shared what she had to say about it all now.

She spoke out saying, "It’s crazy that not long ago I had cancer and now I’m cancer-free, and that might not be the case if I hadn’t gone for a checkup. Now I feel like I’m beginning the best part of my life." Brooke talked to Shape magazine and wasn't afraid to tell them everything.

Brooke went on to say, "The condition wasn’t even diagnosed by a thyroid doctor but during a regular checkup. They found a questionable lump. Then I got an ultra-sound and biopsies, and sure enough, it was cancer. But the prognosis was great. It’s so important, when you get any alarming news, to do research, get a second opinion, and not panic. They took it out, it’s gone, and it’s all good."

She said it has been a bit hard learning her new medicine. Brooke revealed, "That was a little tricky, but that’s one of the challenges with thyroid issues: figuring out the amount of Synthroid you need, getting your hormone levels right, and then making adjustments. Having too much energy or not enough energy, and rolling through those changes — I’ll continue to deal with that for a while.”

Burke barely even has a scar after it all happened. Things are going great for her and it looks like Brooke is moving on with her life just fine. It is great to hear that she is cancer free and that everything is better now.

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