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Brooch with Beauty

The Aloha Brooch!
The Aloha Brooch!
Pluck Boutique, LLC

The Concept

Giorgio Armani Private Runway Show
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The Brooch is an accessory that withstands the test of seasonal trends. When peaked apparel is replaced, a brooch endures change while its designers enhance and reform colossal crafts. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, brooches developed from the Roman clasp, similar to a safety pin, in regions that had been part of the Roman Empire. In the severe climate of northern Europe, the brooch became the characteristic ornament because it routinely functioned as a fastening for a heavy cloak or tunic ( Brooches have since graced our world in multiple facets. On the Cosby Show, Denise and Claire Huxtable often expressed their feverish flare for fashion with modest, yet stylish brooches. Similarly, actresses in sitcoms and movies have been hurled with subtle, yet transparent pins. Department stores, bargain basements, boutiques, and high-profile designers now sell complimentary pins with inserted jewels and artistic vision. Designers have used fabric remnants, antique pendants, or even broken jewelry to create some of the most paramount beauty brooches. This jewel radiates a lady’s magnetic charm and sets the stage for her mood and those she encounters.

The Work

Recently, Designers Dries Van Noten’s and Giorgio Armani’s models staged New York and Paris Fashion Week with embellished statements on every article of clothing. Their brooches were selected to balance abysmal colors and shimmering sleek yet dusky suits, coats, and dresses. Massive bugs and floral fabric brooches were pinned to the top of every collective detail. These brooches revealed all an outfit lacked in definition while augmenting a radiant glow to a model’s eyes.

The Display
The exquisite attribute of this trinket is versatility. Brooches are not limited to coats or sweaters and there is no threshold to how, when, and why they are displayed. According to the Pluck Boutique's Brooch Stylist, the following are idyllic and exclusive considerations for using a brooch.

  • Handbag: Purchase and pin a collage of floral brooches on the external layer of Bowler, Clasp, or Clutch purses and rearrange as the mood strikes.
  • Flooring Accent Pillows: Pin a brooch or two toward the center or end to give your home a fashionable up-do.
  • Gift Wrapping: Substitute the disposable bow with an everlasting memory. Choose a brooch that will complement his/her personality, style, and/or hobby. Tie the brooch tightly toward the center of the box/wrapping paper.
  • Apparel: Wearing brooches on the top, middle, or end of a shirt, coat, dress, or trouser shows a talent for gauging dimension.

Contact Julie Dickerson, Brooch Stylist for tips and ideas at

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