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Bronze Inspired look from Whitney Houston in the upcoming movie Sparkle

Sparkle 2012 - Due August 2012 - Whitney Houston Inspired Bronze Makeup: Sparkle 2012 official Captions courtesy Sony Pictures
Sparkle 2012 - Due August 2012 - Whitney Houston Inspired Bronze Makeup: Sparkle 2012 official Captions courtesy Sony PicturesSparkle 2012 official Captions courtesy Sony Pictures

Get Whitney Houston's bronze inspired look that she wore in the upcoming movie Sparkle.

Bronze natural beauty
Bronze natural beautySparkle 2012 official movie trailer courtesy Sony Pictures

In today's economy we want to remain beautiful yet without breaking the bank and compromising long lasting yet beautiful looks. You can get this look without breaking the bank.

What I used. All Drugstore bought cosmetics.

For Face:

I have skin discolorations so I had to use a combination of Milani's Secret Cover Concealer Cream Waterproof - Mixed Golden Beige and Deep Tan - Just mix very little
Cream-to-Powder Makeup - Sand and Caramel on the face ( I use two types of foundation because I have skin discolorations)

XL Bronzer - Darkest Shade in the hollows of the cheek areas (contour of cheeks), around the hairline, and under jaw line

05 Soleil Baked Bronzer Center of forehead, nose, and cheeks

A little Amber Nector 01 just on the apples of the cheeks (giving a peachy/apricot bronze appearance)

Lips -

Milani's Lip Flash 01 (bronze/brown color)
in portion of the lip - Lip Stick Bronze Leaf - Topped with lipgloss Charmer


For the Eyes:
Milani's SHADOW EYEZ 12 HR PENCIL - Brown Deluxe as an eye shadow base - Also you can use NYX Gold Jumbo Pencil or French Fries Jumbo Pencil if you have these available

Inner Eye - Lily White - Runway Single

Center of the eye: the Gold color from the Milani 10 Haute Couture
out of the 04 Earthy Delights - Bronze in the V of the eye then contour in the crease of the eye
I use the lighter bronze color out of the Ready to Wear
Using the 09 Cocomo - I deepened the color in the V and blended
for the Highlight I used the White in 10 Haute Couture - I lightly went in the arch of my eye with the Lily White and blended it out

Eye Tech Liquid Liner Black on upper eye line (slightly winged), then in/close to the water line Alternate to the Eye Tech Liner: Loreal's Carbon Black with Felt tip can be used for its ease of control as well for the upper eye and winged look and for the bottom alternate alone the water line Loreal's Carbon Black Pencil Perfect retractable eyeliner.

Bronze on the half the bottom lid then gold the remainer
Distinct Lash Lengthening Mascara - Black