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Brony charity marathon raises $36,000 for family of bullying victim

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On Feb. 1, voice talent and writers from the popular "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," joined fans of the series (commonly referred to as Bronies) to raise over $36,000 during a 24-hour charity marathon for a victim of bullying and his family.

The Livestream charity event, known as "For Michael," went from 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1 through 6 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 2 . During that time, over 20,000 viewers joined in and watched as different hosts interviewed celebrities from both the series and the Brony fandom. Noted celebrities interviewed included voice actors Tara Strong, Nicole Oliver, and Michelle Creber. Celebrities from the Brony fandom included musicians DJ Tetsuo and The Living Tombstone, as well as PMV (Pony Music Video) producer BronyDanceParty.

The proceeds from the event will go to the family of Michael Morones for medical expenses. Micahel, an 11-year-old North Carolina student, recently attempted suicide after being bullied at his school for being a fan of "My Little Pony." While Michael's attempt was stopped, he sustained serious brain damage as a result, and is currently in the hospital.

Cliff McKinney, one of the organizers of "For Michael," was overwhelmed at the generous outpouring of the Brony community and the love and support they are showing for Michael and his family.

The Livestream success wasn't based on the actions of the few or on one person, but due to the entire help from everyone in the Brony community. No body deserves to be bullied and we, as a society, have to stop being afraid of standing up to it. The actions that drove Michael to doing what he did could've been stopped, had one person been there at school to stand up for him. Thankfully, I know that when he wakes up, he will know that he has hundreds, if not thousands, of new and wonderful friends.

The Michael Morones Recovery Fund is still accepting donations at this time. To donate, visit for more information.