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BronxWeek 2014 brings pride and community to thousands at closing festivities

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. takes the stage at Bronx Week 2014
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. takes the stage at Bronx Week 2014
Michael T. Roeder

A feeling of great celebration, pride and togetherness was present on Sunday as thousands came to Mosholu Parkway to celebrate the triumphant end of Bronx Week 2014. The festivities began at noon when The 43rd annual Bronx Week parade overflowed Bronx streets with Bronxites as well as non Bronx enthusiasts. Parade participants represented a large portion of the Bronx community from the Military to community organizations like the Bangledeshi Community Council and the Bronx LGBTQ to the NYPD as well as the NYFD, and of course the marching bands and schools of the historic borough.

This, 100 year old part of the city, once condemned as a burning borough, is now definitely a building force to be reckoned with as thousands joyously came together in celebration for all the Bronx Week festivities now rivaling any free outdoor Manhattan event. It was hard to tell officiators from the entertainment at some points, especially when Bronx borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. took the stage to MC; holding his own with world class performers, Rakim, Tony Vega and Elle Varner who came out to the Bedford Park/Norwood sections of the Bronx for the annual Bronx Week closing festival on Mosholu Parkway. Street closures along the entire span of Mosholu Parkway from Van Cortlandt East to Marion and Hull Avenues ensured a traffic free day along the entire span where the many Latin to Italian to Indian to Jamaican food and non food vendors came together.

A true spirit of togetherness was felt as the spirited crowd put their celebrations on hold for a few short moments when President Diaz informed the concerned crowd there was a missing child. The entire audience seemed to silence themselves momentarily as Ruben from the Bronx, led them on the search for the young boy by requesting the crowd to look to their left, right front and back to help locate the juvenile. Moments later a thunderous cheer came over the crowd after President Diaz confirmed the child had been found; further showing what the spirit of togetherness in this borough of strength and determination can do when it concentrates its efforts.

Clearly a good spirit was in full force as one Bronxite summed up the 2014 Bronx Week festivities best by saying, “it is the way that we say we are proud to be Bronxites.”