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Bronx Trinitarios gang members busted and charged

Bronx Trinitarios gang members taken down in "Operation Patria."
Bronx Trinitarios gang members taken down in "Operation Patria."
Pixabay/Public Domain/CC0

Last night and early this morning, ATF agents and officers from various law enforcement agencies did a coordinated strike in the Fordham and Kingsbridge neighborhoods of the Bronx and arrested another 19 members of the Trinitarios street gang. The strike was part of a two-year long investigation, “Operation Patria,” conducted by federal and local law enforcement officers working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York; a total of 104 defendants have already been charged with racketeering, narcotics, and firearms offenses, all but 18 of those defendants have already been convicted at trial or by guilty plea.

Today, it was announced that charges are being brought against 27 individuals who sold narcotics and used guns in the Fordham and Kingsbridge areas of the Bronx, all but seven were members and associates of the Trinitarios street gang (the “Trinitarios” or the “Gang”). The announcement included the unsealing of two indictments and a Complaint in the Manhattan federal court.

According to Indictment One, from approximately 2009 to the present, the Trinitarios operated in the Fordham and Kingsbridge neighborhoods of the Bronx, among other locations. The Trinitarios operating in these neighborhoods during this time period were members of two related “sets,” or factions of the Gang, called the “18 Treys” and “Greenbridge.” Members of the 18 Treys and Greenbridge sets, and their associates, committed acts of violence, such as shootings, against rival gangs in order to protect their drug-trafficking operation, and to protect fellow members and associates of the Trinitarios. They also controlled drug trafficking in the Fordham and Kingsbridge neighborhoods of the Bronx. Indictment One names 20 Trinitarios gang members and charges of conspiring to sell cocaine, heroin, crack, marijuana, oxycodone and suboxone.

Andy Sosa, and Nelson Veras; leaders of the Trinitarios in these neighborhoods, were also charged with carrying, brandishing, and discharging a firearm, and aiding and abetting the same, in connection with the charged narcotics conspiracy, as was gang members, Argenis Rodriguez, Miguel Carela and Justin Ramirez. Mickey Valdez was named as one of the shooters on behalf of the gang, enforcer of gang control and drug trafficking, through violence within these neighborhoods.

Indictment Two, sights charges against three gang members for selling cocaine and marijuana in the vicinity of Andrews Avenue in the Bronx. And the Complaint charges four gang members with selling marijuana in the vicinity of West Kingsbridge Road in the Bronx.