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Bronx rapper Noah Vinson and Frank Ramz reunite on intoxicating number 'Drunk'

Noah Vinson & Frank Ramz drop 'Drunk'
Noah Vinson & Frank Ramz drop 'Drunk'
via Noah Vinson

You almost get the feeling that spring and summer is surely on the horizon. Evidently fellow New York representatives, Noah Vinson and frequent collaborator Frank Ramz, want you to believe so as they turn the knobs up to the full max and ante up on the intoxicating titled, “Drunk.” But yet, instead of going the typical route and consuming a rather huge bottle of Hennessy, the budding emcees attempt to leave the avid Hip Hop listener with a multitude of burning sensations in their chests, well, simply by heating it up with their unforgettable and infectious lines – going toe for toe – and leaving a carnage of bodies behind on the synth driven-street single. Ironically enough, one would think that Future’s soon-to-be baby mama would be quite ecstatic to hear about these offed-rivals for her ‘walking dead’ soiree anyway, right? If we’re to point fingers in any direction here, let’s direct all the blame on Mr. Vinson, for his stupendous job as party planner.

Yes, this is no cookie-cutter by any means, uh, think Bates Motel-esque. Lyrical murder is on the mind for these two, and “Drunk” is an extremely gritty and dark slapper, in which unquestionably has an instant replay value. Equipped with menacing drums, the duo let loose a fury of hard-snapping punch-liners, which is very reminiscent to that of Method Man and Redman. Sparring it out on wax like Hitman Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard in their primes is a plus as well, and unfortunately for some, these guys’ lyrical blows are getting sharper and sharper by the second, so watch out Adrien Broner. Psss, we’re just kidding. I made another 'funny'. Listen to the audio here courtesy of YouHeardThatNew. Follow Noah Vinson on Twitter here and Frank Ramz over here.