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Bronx rapper Al-Doe releases free EP 'Keys of Heaven'

Bronx’s Hip-Hop scene is definitely up for grabs, even if you’d like to admit it or not, it is sadly a mere realization and proven fact with the lack of artists to have come forth in the recent years. Make no mistake; it isn’t necessarily a neutral problem just blamed on the borough of Bronx, it’s more or less been plaguing the entire New York City area, which hasn’t sat right with the OG’s of the Big Apple. In fact, the city of bright lights has been recently tested more than once, as they have not been living up to the standards of fulfilling the top-notch quality of the pastime, and as a result, they’ve been forced to show they have what it takes to brawl it out with the rest of the coasts—from the South—all the way down to the City of Angels.

Al-Doe's 'Keys of Heaven' artwork

But, fortunately for the state of Hip-Hop, time and time again, there comes a diamond in the rough. In this case, that gem just so happens to be rapper Al-Doe. Spearheading the newest crop of hungry BX rap artists, the self-proclaimed “pope of coke talk,” whips right into gear and delivers a wicked batch of his best product on his newly released project Keys of Heaven [premiered via Mass Appeal], a candid and personal reflection of the emcee’s “pie-flipping” days and digs deep into the drug world as a whole. It’s a no holds barred affair and the kid Al-Doe has the right amount keys to get any listener hooked on his audio dope. Speaking to Mass Appeal, he briefly touched on the inspiration behind the EP's title, to which he stated:

“I’m born and raised in the Bronx, man. I lived everywhere up here – this is my home. I consider myself the Pope of coke talk. So the title, Keys of Heaven, refers to Saint Peter. Jesus gave Saint Peter the first key into heaven making him the first pope. I’m the best at the high end drug s**t so it’s only right.”

You can stream the seven track extended play in its entirety here and grab a download link right over here.

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