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Bronner Bros. beauty products it's a family affair

Bronner Bros.
Bronner Bros.
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Bronner Bros. is one of the largest African American conglomerates in the United States. Founded in 1947 by Nathaniel H. Bronner Sr., and Arthur E. Bronner Sr, the company is still going strong over 60 years later.

Bronner Bros. is greatly known for their Bronner Bros. International hair show which is held annually in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition Bronner Bros. produces some of the finest hair and skin products targeted towards African Americans. They have the BB line of products, which includes Super Grow Hair and Scalp conditioner, and Pump It Up freeze spray. They also are the creator's of Nu Expressions product line.

Not only are the Bronner Bros. dominating the beauty industry, they are also the founders of Upscale Magazine, which provides African Americans with beneficial information pertaining to business, entertainment, lifestyle, health and beauty. They also are the owners of a few Christian worship centers.

As you can see, it's a family affair when to comes to manufacturing and marketing Bronner Bros products. It is great to see a family started African American business reach such great heights in America, and to work so closely with one another as a family.

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