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Bronies: Men who love My Little Ponies

The newest addition to nerd culture would be "Bronies." The definition of a "Brony" is a man who loves the My Little Ponies. On Feb. 10, Yahoo News reported on this phenomenon and how it is sweeping ComicCons and even spawning what are being called "BronyCons" near you.

The target market for My Little Ponies has always been prepubescent girls. Hasbro's My Little Ponies include the actual pony line of dolls and accessories as well as clothing, coloring books, a cartoon and more. Many women remember these cute and colorful ponies from their childhood.

Now the phenomenon of Bronies is taking over and the cute little plastic ponies are being collected by men. Men of all ages are meeting at conventions and other smaller gatherings to share their love of My Little Ponies.

This may be the ultimate in nerdiness or is it just another trend? In any case, there is a growing trend of men who love My Little Ponies and while not as mainstream as other pop culture trends, Bronies are becoming known, if not socially acceptable.

What do you think of this new trend where grown men follow and collect toys intended for young girls? Do you feel like this is weird or is it just the next step in gender equality?

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