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Broncos win Super Bowl XLVIII, multiple game simulations predict

If stalwart football game franchises are anything to bet on, the Denver Broncos will be taking home some hardware by the end of the day February 2nd, 2014. Both Tecmo Super Bowl and Madden 25's official simulations have crowned the ponies as winners in the big game, time to ride indeed.

Multiple Super Bowl XLVIII simulation results are in, Broncos in dramatic fashion
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Both simulations appeared to echo sentiments about the upcoming championship, in that neither team was granted a huge edge against the other, and the games remained close and down to the wire.

The fans over at put on a simulation every year, and always deliver thrilling results, and blasts of nostalgia for any football fan that owned an NES. After an action packed first half, and the always entertaining Mighty Bombjack Halftime show, Denver lead 21-17. Quarterback Russell Wilson connected with Golden Tate to put the Seahawks on top, 23-21.

Fast forwarding to the 4th quarter, where the Sehawks retain the lead 38-35. The Broncos employed brilliant clock management, allowing the resident surgeon Matt Prater to come on and tie the game up at 38. With that, the epic gridiron battle known as (Tecmo) Super Bowl XLVIII was headed to overtime.

Following a lackluster return by the Seahawks, Russell Wilson was forced into a passing situation, setting up in a lone back set. Wilson snaps, play action, on the blitz is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Wilson drops into dangerous territory within his own end zone, can't shake DRC, and the game is over. DRC records his second sack of his career, and couldn't put a better exclamation point on a bigger game.

The Broncos win the game 40-38 on a safety in overtime by a corner (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) who only has one other sack in his entire career, including at the collegiate level.

Notable performances from Peyton Manning, racking up 318 yards with no interceptions and an 80% completion, Demaryius Thomas with 3 receptions for 171 yards, and Golden Tate with 5 receptions for 141 yards.

Madden 25's simulation predicted a different story, but the same eventuality, the Broncos are your champions. At the close of the first half, Seattle's defense was proving too much in the frigid northeastern conditions, leading 10-7. And yes, Richard Sherman did get his interception of one of Manning's "ducks".

But a high caliber offense like the Bronco's will simply not fade into despair at a time like this. The laser focus and extraordinary awareness of Peyton Manning, paired with the corps of receivers that prove the gears turn the machine, gave cause for the Bronco comeback in the 3rd quarter, putting the Broncos now ahead, 21-10.

With a 2-score lead the Broncos did what they have unfortunately displayed as a habit this year, allowing the Seahawks right back in the game, coming to within 2 points near the end of the 4th. The Seahawks then dramatically secured a 2-point conversion to send yet another simulation in to overtime.

In what can only be described as a "right time, right place" performance to start overtime, the Denver defense limited the Seattle offense to a 3 and out, putting Peyton Manning's legacy, and the history books, squarely in his hands.

Manning marched down the field, hooking up finally with Demariyus Thomas to put the Broncos, and the Super Bowl, within field goal range. Matt Prater, many times a hero in past seasons and games, found his number being called once again.

Prater, reliable as ever, secures the field goal, and the Bronco victory, as OT concludes, and the rejoicing in the virtual mile high city commenced.

If anything can truly be taken from both of these simulations, it's that sports fans are in for a fantastic game, one that many view as the best possible match up between two incredibly talented teams. The fact that both simulations came down to the absolute finish, is indication that many fans around the nation are in for a great show come Sunday.

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