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Broncos, Seahawks arrive for Super Bowl media week

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks had a relatively peaceful Sunday on Jan. 26. Of course, the next Sunday will be much different for the Broncos and Seahawks, since they'll be in the Super Bowl against each other and 20 degree temperatures. But with the countdown officially on for Super Bowl 48, Denver and Seattle kicked it off by arriving in New York and New Jersey, with the usual media blitz waiting for them.

Super Bowl media blitz awaits Manning, Broncos, Seahawks
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

While this past week was dominated by weather reports and Richard Sherman, it will be nothing compared to the true Media Week ahead. Of course, the weather and Sherman's mouth are likely to lead the Super Bowl hype even more until Feb. 2. Nevertheless, Peyton Manning made the first headlines after his arrival in New Jersey.

Although Manning is set to get a neck exam after the season that could determine his future, he expressed confidence on Jan. 26 that "I certainly want to continue to keep playing." Neck exams aside, Manning said he only wants to retire when he "can't produce" and when he stops "enjoying it."

Manning has had every reason to enjoy this season, where he set single season record after record and knocked off Tom Brady to reach the Super Bowl. However, none of it will mean anything if the Seahawks knock off the Broncos, and if Sherman and his "Legion of Boom" defense get the last word on the field.

Most of the words to come in the next six days will likely center on Sherman, or at least the words people say about him. They took up much of the national conversation this past week, thanks to his heated actions and words after he set up the interception that clinched the Seahawks' NFC title. As such, the biggest suspense in the days ahead, other than the weather reports, is what Sherman will say to his largest media mob to date.

Manning, Sherman and the weather are all anyone is prepared to talk about until Feb. 2. But with seven days to kill and a Super Bowl to prepare for, at least dozens of other angles are sure to be explored or discovered on Media Week. As usual, the actual game itself will seem like an afterthought in the meantime, at least until the Seahawks and Broncos manage to kick off at MetLife Stadium.

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