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Broncos need to go Dez Bryant on Von Miller

Von Miller
Von Miller

The Denver Broncos have a decision to make about Von Miller. He is just one game into his suspension for violating the league's substance-abuse policy, and he’s already in trouble again. ESPN is reporting that Miller was cited last week for driving without a license and speeding. What are the Broncos going to do with their star defensive player?

Miller, could be the best defensive player in the NFL and the Denver Broncos know it. They need Von Miller if they are going to make a legitimate run and go deep into the playoffs. He will be coming back Sunday December 8 when the Broncos take on the Titans.

In the ESPN report today, Broncos coach John Fox said today, "Obviously we're not happy about it. Everybody here has an individual responsibility, not only to themselves, but to this organization, to this football team, so it's something we're not pleased about. We'll leave it at that,".

Maybe the Broncos need to apply the same discipline to Miller as the Dallas Cowboys administered to their star receiver, Dez Bryant. It’s been well documented the problems Bryant has had off the field. And the Cowboy organization is working together to accomplish some things to help the talented receiver succeed.

According to a report by Fox News, Bryant will need to comply with some rules the Dallas Cowboys have come up with to help Bryant. He will be required to attend weekly counseling sessions, have a full-time security team and not be allowed to consume alcohol or go into strip clubs. The security members will drive Bryant to team functions, including practices and games, and the receiver will also be subject to a curfew.

This sounds like a good plan to keep Byrant out of trouble. Should the Broncos come up with similar rules for Von Miller? The star linebacker is too good of a player to let him slip through the cracks. If he has the kind of NFL career that he is capable of, he’ll be in the Hall of Fame. If the Broncos don’t do something, he could end up in the hall of shame.

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