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Broncos K. Matt Prater suspension enough? Substance abuse allegations serious

Broncos K. Matt Prater suspension handed down by NFL
Broncos K. Matt Prater suspension handed down by NFL
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Fans who have heard that the Denver Broncos kicker K. Matt Prater has been suspended for four games after a ruling by the NFL have been asking if this punishment is just and it had divided the fans. Some people are suggesting it is too many games suspended for the alleged concerns and others say the league should have kept him out all season. According to SB Nation on Sunday, the issue at hand here is alcohol, not performance-enhancing drugs.

According to Praters attorney, the incident surrounding the allegations happened when the kicker was on vacation, but even so the NFL found the situation serious enough to consider suspending him for a season. Fortunately for Broncos fans, the kicker got a shorter suspension and will return to the field sooner than later.

The kicker will be seen on the field before the official season opens. Prater is allowed to practice with the team from now until the first week of the season starts. Then the 30-year-old's suspension will begin and he can to return to the Broncos' active roster on October 6. During his suspension the backup kicker, Mitch Ewald, will be on the field looking to score.

While the NFL has reminded the players that they are part of the brand, it appears that this season, the bosses are looking to remind players that they are going to be punished for inappropriate acts off the field too. Recently Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended two games for alleged domestic abuse and that too touched off a firestorm among the fans as some suggested it was a punishment that was too long or two short for the alleged incident.