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Broken heart, broken body; Dog found in despair, needs rescue, healing and TLC

Tuscaloosa /Pickens County AL: Broken Hearted Dog, discovered in field, starving, sick and desperately alone
Tuscaloosa /Pickens County AL: Broken Hearted Dog, discovered in field, starving, sick and desperately alone
Red Gate Farm Animal Rescue

Have you ever seen a broken hearted dog?

"Who will mend her heart?" Tuscaloosa /Pickens County AL: Broken Hearted Dog, discovered in field, starving, sick and desperately alone.
Red Gate Farm Rescue, Gordo, AL

Debra Jarrell, founder and president of Red Gate Farm Rescue, Inc (RGFR), Gordo, Alabama, laments that she has seen more than she can count.

“But,” said Jarrell, “this dog, – well, she just breaks my heart!” pointing to the thin female Labrador mix she discovered cowering low in the tall wet grass in a field near the Pickens County line in Tuscaloosa, AL. “You’d think I’d get used to it, but it doesn’t get any better,” said Jarrell.

In an attempt to read the faded, worn writing on the collar around the dog’s neck, it was removed.

Facebook friends enhanced and shared a photograph of the frayed collar, but could only make out the name “SADIE” and a few blurred numbers. There was no response to photographs of “Sadie” and her collar, leaving Jarrell with the only options available; first, to catch “Sadie”, get her to a vet, then, to send out a plea for a reputable rescue to intervene, a capable adopter to step up or a temporary foster to offer their home.

“I can’t leave this dog, but I have no isolation pen available to put her in. It’s obvious that she needs immediate, and most probable extensive veterinary care, and that expense presents a major problem. I have several new additions in the last few months, along with the one’s who, for whatever reason, are considered "non-adoptable" and will be given lifelong sanctuary here. I’m afraid to look outside every morning, because it’s all too commonplace to find a poor vagabond who has nowhere to go – but here.”

Red Gate Farm is located in Tuscaloosa County, very near the Pickens County line. Pickens County which provides no animal shelter for strays, owner surrenders or neglected and abused animals, causing a steady stream of pitiful beat-down dogs to wander in or are “dumped” on or near RGFR property. According to Jarrell and volunteers, callous people regularly dump their dogs in front of RGFR kennels and barns. The rescue is temporary and permanent home to countless rescued dogs, 3 cats and 5 horses. There is rarely a breed or species Debra will not try to help find placement or sanctuary for through a vast network of rescue contacts.

The majority of the animal residents are fully rehabilitated and go to good homes by networking with animal advocates, other Alabama rescues, and often through the broad USA rescue community.

In addition to giving refuge to cast-out animals, Jarrell states that she receives double digit numbers of calls per month pleading for help for a chained, abused animal, a dog or cat who has been neglected with nowhere to turn, or owners who say they want to get “rid” of their pet.

Just today Jarrel got a call from an owner wanting to surrender a pet pig. "Sigh," it's never ending." she said.

“The temptation to despair is overwhelming at times,” says Jarrell. “But, when I see the despair in the eyes of the helpless animals, tinged with even the smallest glint of hope, I try to find a way.”

"Where there is life, there is hope. That's what I always say and no animal deserves to be hungry, homeless, abandoned and alone to suffer and die.”

Jarrell says that she also depends on her faithful supporters who donate and volunteer at RGFR.

“They are wonderful. I can’t express my gratitude enough. At this time, I am reaching out to them again. “Sadie” will be safe at the veterinary clinic. We need funds for her complete recovery. Tender love and care is of great importance, but she needs professional medical treatment. I’m stepping out in faith – for her. I don’t think my Alabama rescue and animal advocate family will desert “Sadie” or me, in this worthy cause.”

Tax deductible contributions for “Sadie’s” veterinary care may be made at RGFR website at (Pay Pal
or mail in to Red Gate Farm Rescue, Inc, 17981 Crawford Rd, Gordo, AL, 35466. “Sadie” will be at West Alabama Animal Hospital, 26075 Highway 17, Carrollton, Alabama 35447, Phone: (205) 367-8838 for credit card donations.

If you can offer rescue or a home to “Sadie”, please contact Debra Jarrell at (205) 333-1365 or email at


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