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Brogan Dulle’s death: questions still remain

Brogan Dulle
Brogan Dulle

University of Cincinnati student Brogan Dulle was found eight days after being reported missing hanging by a cord in the basement of a building next door to his apartment. Cincinnati police have ruled his death a suicide by asphyxiation by hanging.

According to reports, Brogan went to search for his cell phone at about 2 A.M. after returning with his friends from a night of partying. He left his keys, wallet, and ID at the apartment. Surveillance cameras supposedly catch Brogan walking down the street by his apartment with a flashlight searching for his cell phone at 3:10 A.M.

The motive for ruling Brogan's death a suicide is still being questioned by the public. Many people do not see that he had a motive to kill himself based on what the mainstream media has reported. His friends, family and co-workers describe Brogan as loving, funny and a happy individual. The fact that he would commit suicide is a mystery and shock to many. He was enjoying his time with friends the night he disappeared. It is apparent that he was looking for his cell phone but at what point did he just decide to hang himself?

Suicide by hanging is an act that is well thought out and planned. Even though some suicides are sudden and no one ever suspects that people who kill themselves will do it, there is still no indication that this man had any reason or plans to do so. Someone who claims to have known Brogan and the Dulle family for years commented on a thread that, “Brogan didn't kill himself. You just wait and see.”

It is strange that if in fact he did hang himself, that he would do it in the basement of a vacant building where it is highly unlikely he would be found. Hanging yourself is a process where steps are taken and there is plenty of time to think before going through with it. He would have known without a doubt this was something he really wanted to do.

Some reports even specify that the building was partially occupied and that workers had been doing work in there during the week he was missing. In addition, a neighbor spotted workers who entered the building within the eight days Brogan was missing. These facts indicate that other people had a key to access the inside of the building.

News stories specify that Cincinnati police ruled this case a suicide on the day they found his body. Any preconceived theories are dangerous in a death investigation. Could the police have missed anything? Could the police have taken shortcuts and jumped to conclusions to quickly just because it looked like a suicide?

Vernon J. Geberth, Homicide and Forensic Consultant, states on his website, “According to Practical Homicide Investigation®, “All death inquiries should be conducted as homicide investigations until the facts prove differently.” The resolution of the mode of death as Suicide is based on a series of factors that eliminate Homicide, Accident and Natural Causes of death.”

There are many theories that people have based on the facts provided. Although the police may still consider this could be a homicide they have not provided any additional information to the public. Perhaps they do not want to let their suspect know that they are on to him or her.

No one will really know the truth until all fingerprinting, DNA tests, autopsy and observation of the scene his body was found are complete. There are many unanswered questions and for the police to announce to the public that this was a suicide was wrong.

When news stories are presented with so many holes and conflicting unbelievable facts, the public will speculate on what really happened. One thing everyone can agree on is that this was a tragedy either way and the family needs time to grieve during this heartbreaking time. Hopefully Brogan Dulle’s loved ones will get the answers they are looking for.

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