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'Broforce' takes over PAX East 2014 in the name of Democracy

The "Broforce" logo is as American as it gets
The "Broforce" logo is as American as it gets
Free Lives

If there was a game people felt like they had to play this past weekend at PAX East, it was Broforce. Even leading up to the convention, the game had garnered a huge following thanks to streamers such as AngryJoe.

Boston Games Examiner caught up with one of the guys from Free Lives, the development company that made Broforce, and found out what makes this game so popular. We talked with Ruan Rothmann who was part of the team that made Broforce. Here is his quick rundown of what the game is all about:

Broforce is a super violent, 2-D action platformer in the vein on Contra and Metal Slug where you play as parodies of '80s and 90's action movies on a quest to liberate the world from terrorism in the name of liberty and freedom."

When asked if that's all there was to the game, he added, "Blow [explitive] up in the name of Democracy."

Broforce may, initially, come off as a joke, but it is actually a good looking, action platformer as Rothmann says it is. It plays very fast and is a lot of fun. Players hardly have time to get bored with it. It's simple and to the point.

The game has quite the cast of characters as well; each one a "Bro." Check out some of the names players can see:

  • Rambro
  • Robrocop
  • The Brominator
  • Ellen RipBro
  • Indiana Brones
  • Bro Dredd
  • McBrover
  • Brade (Bro+Blade)
  • Bronan the Barbarian
  • The Brochete

There are a total of 20 as of now. Rothmann says that there are more in the works. For example, there may be a Bro based on Jason Statham. Players may also see Tank Bro based off of Tank Girl. Tank Bro would be the second female in the game. When asked about the game regarding females, Rothmann had this to say,

A Bro is a Bro regardless if you're male or female."

Players can also experience other forms of Bro versus Bro warfare. These can be found in death matches, race modes, and they are working on a Bro party mode where players play in a cycle of multiplayer variants.

Broforce is out right now in early access via Steam for $14.99.

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