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Brody's Bakery offers fresh flavors in a vegan and gluten free package



  • Elizabeth Signer aka The Fat Boxer 6 years ago

    GREAT! So good to know there are folks out there concerned enough to prepare ahead... and good on her for showing concern for the 4 legged folk with whom we share the planet! :oD

  • Christie H. 6 years ago

    I just received my first mail order (I'm in Washington state) from Brody's Bakery this last week. I'm neither on a gluten-free diet nor vegan, but I lost nothing by not having animal products (except a little guilt I normally have). The oatmeal creme pies were amazing, moist, thick and not overly-sweet.
    I recommend Brody's Bakery to all my friends - vegan or not!

    Plus, the owner is hot. ;)

  • veggiegirl 6 years ago

    I live in Missouri and have eaten numerous products from Brody's bakery. One thing not mentioned is the beautiful idea that the bakery is named after her son Brody who is a child with autism. I like that not only are her products delicious, (there is not one that I have not absolutely LOVED!!), but that when I order from her I am helping her in her other passion which is supporting autism. She is an amazing baker, parent and woman. Go Katie!

  • Carrie 6 years ago

    I have ordered several times from Brody's, and everything I've had is so awesome. My favorites are the Truffles. Even my carnivore boyfriend loves them!!

  • Bobbi Claus 6 years ago

    I love all of the items from Brody's Bakery and so do my children and I find comfort knowing that they are satisfying their little sweet tooth without me putting chemicals and other unnecessary additives into their little bodies. Kudos to your talents as a baker, your strength as a mother (of the cutest little guy), and your big heart as a great friend! I wish you all the best!!!

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