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Brody Jenner wedding: Girlfriend snubbed for Kim Kardashian wedding? Truth told

Brody Jenner was rumored to have refused to attend Kim Kardashian’s wedding because his girlfriend was snubbed and never received a formal invitation to the event. However, the truth of the matter is quite different, as the handsome Jenner recently revealed on his new Web series. Apparently, ABC News shares this Tuesday, July 1, the celebrity and his girlfriend simply had busy schedules far from Italy and were unable to make it to the special occasion.

Brody Jenner talks wedding plans, why he didn't attend event
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Although a number of rumors were stirring in regards to why Brody Jenner or his girlfriend failed to attend Kim Kardashian’s wedding, the reality star is ready to set the record straight. No drama was involved between the step-siblings, nor was Jenner’s girlfriend purposefully snubbed. It seems the real reason behind the lack of an appearance to the nuptials in Florence was simply due to scheduling conflicts and hectic work commitments.

Of course, Jenner’s noticeable absence was something of a shocker. After all, to miss a step-sibling’s wedding is no small thing — and when your sister is Kim Kardashian, the world is bound to discern your nonattendance. The celebrity did, however, have his brother Brandon go to the event in his stead. Yet Brody said he’d heard all about the rumors that his girlfriend hadn’t gotten an invitation, and said that gossip is the furthest thing from the truth.

“Realistically, I had work commitments and it was a long way away,” he said on his new Web series, which is called the Brody Jenner and Dr. Mike Dow Podcast. “We talked about it! It was very simple: After I got the invite, I said, ‘Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend but I wish you the best. I love you.’ And she was fine with it. So if she’s fine with it, why is everybody else not okay with it?”

News Oxy reminds the pop culture universe this afternoon in the off chance that they forgot — which they likely haven’t — that 33-year-old Kim Kardashian married Kanye West earlier this year in a relatively private yet stunning ceremony in Italy. The couple then traveled off to Paris to celebrate a special honeymoon together. The Brody Jenner wedding / snubbing drama surged when it was confirmed the celebrity or his girlfriend hadn’t made it, but another Jenner was in attendance — Brody’s older brother.

According to the press release, Brandon Jenner and his wife Leah were stunned at the beauty and love of Kim Kardashian’s wedding. They said that her nuptials were a sight to see, noting that the love between Kim and Kanye West were all but tangible. Leah Jenner also made a surprise appearance on this week’s Web show to reveal her take on the ceremony, and how much she enjoyed attending it with her husband Brandon.

“I was so blown away by how much love was in the air during the ceremony,” Leah said. “It really was two people so madly in love getting married, and that was bigger than [anything else].”

So while Brody Jenner or his girlfriend may not have made it to the Kardashian’s special day, that doesn’t mean they weren’t there in spirit. After all, Brody and Brandon are close brothers, while Leah says that she has been best friends with her husband for a long time.

“We’ve known each other since we were 11 years old; I was 11 years old, he was 13,” the Jenner by marriage shared, offering some love advice during the popular celebrity broadcast. “We started playing [music] in high school together. I had a boyfriend, he had a girlfriend. And then when I was single one day, he was single one day and he came up to me and he’s like, ‘I’ve been in love with you since you were 11 years old.’”

She did joke that she was “romantically” involved with Brody at one time, but her one true love has always been Brandon Jenner. And that, apparently, is the honest truth.

“That is not true,” Leah laughed when Brody said he was her boyfriend for a time. “I met Brandon through Brody. We went to school together when we were 11. Okay, 11. You don’t kiss, you don’t make out, you don’t hold hands, you beat each other up, you play basketball.” So he was my boyfriend in the fifth grade, Brody was [but] we never kissed,” she concluded after dishing on the Kim Kardashian wedding issue.

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