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Brody Jenner speaks out on attending Reggie Bush's wedding

Brody Jenner
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Brody Jenner didn't attend the wedding of his step-sister Kim Kardashian but he did make it to the big wedding of her ex Reggie Bush. On Tuesday, People was able to get Brody's side of the story as he spoke out about his decision to go to one wedding and not the other. Honestly Brody doesn't seem to think it was a big deal.

Jenner talked to People about his decision that has everyone wondering. He said, "Not going to Kim's wedding was not me trying to diss her and Kanye. I simply had a very last-minute thing. They didn't want to let people know about their wedding early in advance, and I had already booked gigs in Chicago and some other places, so I was already working." You also have to remember that Kim's wedding wasn't in the United States and just a few hours out of your day. It was an entire vacation to get to go to it.

A few various sources said that Brody wasn't going because he couldn't take his girlfriend. Jenner says that is not the case though because Kim would not have minded at all. It just wasn't in the cards for him to go. It doesn't mean the family has drama or anything according to Brody.

Brody said that things are just fine between him and his step-sister. He also explained why he went to Reggie's wedding. He said, "I've been friends with Reggie for a very long time. I really love him and he's one of my favorite people on this entire planet. I got to have a really close relationship with him through him and Kim being together." It sounds like these Brody and Kim are just fine. He simply went to his friend's wedding and it was not a big deal.

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