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Brody Jenner reveals why he skipped Kim Kardashian’s wedding

Brody Jenner reveals why he skipped Kim Kardashian’s wedding
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Brody Jenner tells all. He passed on attending his big sister’s May wedding extravaganza in Italy because he barely knows the groom. Say what? Actually, according to Us Weekly, on Saturday, July 19, the part-time DJ had three reasons for skipping the big day. One, it was too far away. Like Europe, although he seemed unclear about the difference between Paris and Florence. Other people, he said, scheduled their weddings so much more conveniently close, such as Reggie Bush in San Diego (in a different month.) Is Bush his sister?

Two, he didn’t get enough notice, and that weekend, he had already “booked stuff.” His “save the date” notice must have gone astray. As the Christian Post reported on July 18, “Not going to Kim’s wedding was not me trying to diss her and Kanye.” Apparently he has to keep repeating all that, so that everyone gets it straight.

Third, he told Dr. Mike Dow on a July 17 podcast, that he just isn’t close to his sister’s new husband. “I don’t know Kanye. Like at all. I really don’t.” Since when is being close to both parties a necessity for attending a family wedding. Not only will everyone in the Kardashian Klan remember the insult forever, but the whole fan-world follows this kind of detail, so everyone knows. Then he goes on to explain that he has “known Reggie for a very long time.” Like, longer than he has known his own sister? Kim Kardashian has known Reggie Bush for a long time, too. They used to date. Their relationship, as it happens, is how Brody and Reggie came to be such good friends.

But no problem. Brother Brody called Kim to say he loved her and wished her the best. “It’s all good,” he says. And according to Jenner, Kim is “cool with it.” Attending the wedding “just didn’t work out.”