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Brody, a dog who smiles in the face of adversity

Brody, smiling in the face of adversity
Brody, smiling in the face of adversity
Dekalb County Animal Control

The history of every civilization has shown us trials and tribulations and immense suffering inflicted upon humans by other humans. But through it all we have also seen the triumph and resilience of the human spirit.

This same spirit is alive and well in our four legged friends also. Through thick and thin, even when they are down on their luck they still manage to keep their heads and their tails high.

Brody, a two year old male dog has ended up at the Dekalb County Animal Shelter in Georgia. Of course he has ended up there through no fault of his own. He may have been a stray; he may have been dumped there by his owner. Who knows? Like all shelter dogs he has a story to tell but we may never know what that is. Imagine if these shelter dogs could talk? The stories they could tell, of neglect, of heartbreak, and the feelings of abandonment we as humans would never want to experience.

But whatever Brody’s story is, he just cannot stop smiling!! Although he is in a high kill facility, Brody loves everyone there including all other animals. He is just so happy and greets everyone with his beaming smile that can light up a room.

Maybe the shelter seems like the good life compared to the life he came from. Maybe he just has a strong spirit that does not crumble in the face of adversity. Whatever it is, this happy boy needs a home and will bring joy to any person who is lucky to have him.

Please, someone, step up and save Brody. Don’t let this beautiful dog die at the age of two! Don’t remove the smile from his beautiful face and silence his spirit forever.

Contact Dekalb County Animal Control at

“Your soul has a resiliency and a capacity to endure suffering that is beyond anything you can imagine.”
― Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

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